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Wellcome to warpshareapk.com the warpshare apk is the best new app to share data fast on different devices.download the latest version of warpshare apk below

Version : 2.0.4 & File Size : 46 MB

What is Warpshare Apk

WarpShare APK is the Android app installer file for the WarpShare app. It is an open-source app that allows you to send files to nearby Mac devices using the same technology as AirDrop.

Warpshare apk uses AWDL protocol which is wireless that is used to share files fast between devices.This protocol AWDL is also used by Airdrop and this makes warpshare apk possible to send files to MAC devices like Airdrop.

To do this you need to download warpshare apk on your android device.After you download warpshare apk install it.

Now select the files that you want to share make sure Mac is nearby then click on finder on the Airdrop.

When Mac become visible on warpshare apk select it and click on send button.it will start sharing files within second it will send.

WarpShare apk is the best way to share files between Mac and android because it uses Wi-fi to send files.it is open source and is free to use.Your data is safe 100%.

WarpShare APK

NameWarpShare Apk
Latest Version4.0.2
Size of File46.76
Available Free
Compatible withAndroid 5 up
App developerMoseoridev

Features of WarpShare apk

• Warpshare uses AWDL protocol which is fast.

• WarpShare apk is open source and free to use.

• WarpShare apk is Compatible with Android devices and Mac computers.

How to download WarpShare Apk on Android

• Click on the download button at the end of blog.

• After you download it click on install.

• When you start installing it will ask some permissions.

• Now double Click on Grant Permissions

• Then click on grant.

How to set AirDrop visibility on Apple devices

• Swipe up from the bottom of the screen (for devices with Face ID) or swipe from the top of the screen (for devices with Touch ID) to open Control Center.

• Click the AirDrop icon.

• Make sure that the AirDrop setting is set to “Everyone”.

• Set AirDrop to “Everyone” so that other devices can see you.

• Make sure that you are discoverable by everyone in AirDrop.

• Change the AirDrop setting to “Everyone” so that you can receive files from anyone.


If you don’t see the AirDrop icon in Control Center, you can also open it by going to Finder > AirDrop.

Some other important points :

• AirDrop is only available on Macs with macOS Mojave or later.

• AirDrop uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so make sure that both of these are turned on.

• If you don’t see the person you want to send a file to, make sure that they have AirDrop turned on and that their device is visible.

How to share files on WarpShare apk

Steps to send files from Android to Mac :

• Open the WarpShare app on your Android device.

• Browse the folder or file that contains the files you want to send.

• Select the files you want to send.

• Tap the share icon (usually an arrow icon).

• A list of available devices near you will be displayed.Select your Apple Mac device.

• On your Apple Mac device, you will receive a notification about sharing files from your Android device. Click “Accept” to confirm the sharing request.

Some other important points :

• Make sure that both your Android device and your Apple Mac device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

• Make sure that WarpShare is installed and running on your Android device.

• Make sure that AirDrop is turned on on your Apple Mac device.

• The file size limit for WarpShare is 4.2 GB.

Pros and Cons of WarpShare Apk


Fast and reliable file transfers: WarpShare APK uses the AWDL protocol, which is a wireless protocol that allows for fast and reliable file transfers between devices.

Open source and free to use: WarpShare APK is an open-source app, which means that it is free to use and modify. This also means that the code is transparent, so you can be sure that your data is safe.

Compatible with a wide range of devices: WarpShare APK is compatible with a wide range of Android devices and Mac computers. This means that you can use it to send files between your Android phone and your Mac computer, or between your Android tablet and your Mac computer.

Easy to use: WarpShare APK is very easy to use. Simply open the app, select the files you want to send, and select the device you want to send them to.


Not as widely used as AirDrop: WarpShare APK is not as widely used as AirDrop, so there may be fewer devices that are compatible with it. This means that you may not be able to use it to send files to all of your devices.

Has been known to have some bugs: WarpShare APK has been known to have some bugs, such as files not being transferred correctly or the transfer being interrupted. This can be frustrating, but it is important to remember that WarpShare is still under development.

File size limit: The file size limit for WarpShare APK is 4.2 GB. This means that you cannot send files that are larger than 4.2 GB.

Requires Bluetooth and Wi-Fi: WarpShare APK uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to transfer files. This means that both devices must have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi turned on in order for the transfer to work.

Not available on all devices: WarpShare APK is not available on all Android devices. You can check the compatibility list on the WarpShare website to see if your device is supported.

WarpShare Apk download

Click on the download button to download WarpShare Apk Latest version


Overall, WarpShare APK is a great option for sending files between Android and Mac devices.It is free, open source, and uses the same technology as AirDrop for fast and reliable file transfers.However, it is important to be aware of its limitations before using it.

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